The Desktop Self Check T1 is an all-in-one self-service library assets circulation desktop model. Its large touch screen and simple interface allow for easy touch interactivity. Place tagged library assets in any orientation within the read-zone and process multiple tagged library assets at once. Scan ID for user authentication, print out proof of transaction and capture your image. The Desktop Self Check T1, bigger experience in smaller form.

Standard Feature :
- Borrow and renew library assets with touch interactivity 
  (Return module not included)
- Multi-lingual graphical user interface (Thai and English)
- Orientation-insensitive library asset read-zone
- Multiple library assets processing capability
- User authentication via advanced identification technology
- Proof of transaction via physical and electronic receipt
- User image capture via camera 
- Screen Saver Mode
- Controllable RGB LED lighting
- Real-time monitoring and report generation 
- Stand-alone operation during black-out (Tower type only)
- Interactive tutorial and user guidance tool