The UHF Security Gate T1 is an all new first of its kind aesthetically designed theft prevention gates. The UHF Security Gate T1 Feature a Light Diffusion Acrylic design that can be lit up to display various different colors and combinations and has both the visual and audio alarms. In its field of coverage, the UHF Security Gate T1 can detect tagged library assets of up to 3 meters in most orientations and holding behaviors. The built in sensors and controllers make the UHF Security Gate T1 a truly intelligent theft prevention measure. Let the UHF Security Gate T1 safeguard your library assets.

Standard Features :
- Orientation-insensitive library asset detection
- Multiple library assets processing capability 
- Long range detection for up to 4 meters
- Visual and audio theft prevention alarms 
- Motion sensors
- Counter sensors
- Long way aram detection
- Controllable RGB LED lighting 
- Real-time monitoring and report generation